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I've heard and read that the model 41s are superior in accuracy but I haven't seen any that have been any bit more precise than my Target bull barrel ruger.

Pic is a target shot from "25 yards" with the Ruger 22/45 rested and scoped. 15 shot group ".75 inch" CTC, excluding the 2 shots I pulled. Ammo was match. Oh... this is out of the box/ no mods/ cept a cheap NcStar 2.5 x 30 pistol scope on a 300 dollar pistol

Only other gun I know that claims this type of precision were the Hammerli trailside .22lr pistols that came with the factory 25 meter test target- 5 shot group usually around 2/3rds of an inch with non match ammo!

Don't get me wrong, I'd just like to understand what 41 owners are sayin when they mean "superior in accuracy".

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