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140 grain nosler accubond, 46.5 grains of H-4350, CCI 200 LR Primers. Works really well in my rifle! I bought this rifle with thoughts of my wife being able to deer hunt with it without getting beat up from recoil, the rifle is a howa 1500 compact ranch with the rhogue rubber over molded stock, the trigger was HORRIBLE out of the box and nothing I could do to make it better and keep it safe, (I've adjusted many different triggers over the years and replaced a few that wouldn't adjust) I ended up putting a timney in it. When I bought the rifle I also bought most everything to reload for it but was hoping it would shoot factory 140 grain remington core lokts as I didn't want to set up and load for it with a super busy work schedule, the rifle WOULD NOT shoot the factory ammo, the best it grouped was 5 or 6" from a bench with caldwell rock up front and rear sandbags, I thought to myself well you ended up with a piece of junk with this one! I went home and started the reloading process to see what I could get out of it, the above load was the very first load I tried and the little rifle shot it sub moa! My wife killed her first buck with it last month, its a keeper
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