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I don't own a new Nikon scope, not a Buckmaster or ProStaff---I do own a Nikon Balvar 2.5-10x since 1988. I have it mounted on my Remington 700AS in .270Win. The rifle and scope are matte black--so they mate up prefectly in appearance. I think the objective size is around 42-44mm.

I've shot other scopes and owned several much more expensive scopes but not sure if alot better ones. My Zeiss has probably slightly sharper optics but cost 3x as much. I think I paid around $250 for the Nikon in 1988.

Have shot and tracked many a muley and white tail deer with that scope in early morning to late in the day without a problem. The scope has stayed on zero from one season to the next. I have it zeroed for 1" high at 150yds. and that puts it pretty much dead on at 200-250yds. I'm not a ballistics expert or a reloader---just a hunter and gun guy.

You can spend alot more money on a rifle scope but you will get a very good scope from Nikon for the money.
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