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That IS a nice-looking pistol.

Just outta curiosity, is the slide marked with the model number or any other numerical markings? According to some past M5926 threads I've read on the S&W forum, the factory apparently marked some M5926 slides with model numbers and/or assembly numbers, but generally did not mark any other standard 3rd-gens this way. The reason for the special markings is unclear. (IIRC the late-production TSW models and some rare military-contract 3rd-gen pistols had serial-numbered slides, but S&W did not usually mark model numbers anywhere but the LH side of the frame.)

BTW the peculiar "CAUTION: MODEL NUMBER ON PARTS MUST AGREE" slide legend is a normal M5926 feature. The warning is presumably intended to prevent LE agencies that used both the frame-decocker and the standard decocker/safety pistols from mixing and matching slide parts, as the decocking systems are incompatible.
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