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Wouldn't modifying dippers lead to measurement errors?
Nope. The internal capacity of the dipper remains the same, doesn't change while using. Whether the factory or I determine the capacity of a dipper it will always be the same. I determine the capacity to dip a specific charge (having done this for quite a while, I've developed a method that is very consistent, and usually check repeatedly with a scale).
The capacity of a dipper will always be the same so long as you don't alter it,you determine the capacity of a dipper,ok so you build your own?that's very
skillful indeed and then you have developed a unique method that works for you
consistently.So far so good,and you also double check by weighing the charge,
very responsible and your point is?
Well, my point is; I answered the question;"Wouldn't modifying dippers lead to measurement errors?" (your question I believe). What's your point? You wanted input. Skillful? Anybody can cut down a 38 Special case and epoxy on a piece of coat hanger wire for a handle. Unique method? You're kidding, right? Can you do a simple task the same way, consistently? Over and over?
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