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Stocking up for a future AR build - what parts will be the most scarce?

In light of recent events (by recent, I mean the last few years) it seems inevitable that we are going to be seeing a ban the likes of which could make 1994 seem like nothing. (This is pure speculation on my part of course)

I am not really an AR guy, I prefer handgun shooting, but over the next 2-3 years I would like to build an AR as a graduation present for my nephew who is in his first year at a Maritime Academy (he is a big hunter, trapper and gun guy). Of course before I give it to him a gunsmith will go over it with a fine tooth comb and I will make sure to put 500 rounds through it minimum.

I have purchased the lower already, so from an FFL standpoint I am all set.

My main question is, for those who went through the ban before, what parts are going to be the hardest to find in the next few years? Is there anything other than the lower that I absolutely must get now, before things get really out of hand?

The build itself will be nothing fancy, just a normal M4-type A3 with a 1:7" barrel so he can use the heavier bullets if he chooses. He wont be hunting deer with it though for sure, it will probably be more of a plinker.

Thanks in advance
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