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Risk assessment = likelihood of bad event X severity of that event

Things like fire or medical emergency are much more likely but not as sexy to discuss on a gun-forum. With that in mind...

Have you got smoke detectors, fire extinguisher and a rope to get out your window in case of fire ?

Do people you live with know first aid or have done first aid courses ? Do you have a first aid kit handy ?

How strong is your front door ? And what about door and window locks ?

What about your "safe room" door ? Is it strong ? and can it be dead-bolted from inside ?

Do you have a phone or cell phone and flashlight in your saferoom ?

Is there any particular reason why people might invade your home ? Got a safe for your valuables and spare keys ?

Your hardware needs to be strong enough to give you time to wake up and get ready in the case of an armed invasion....

Oh and do you know a lawyer ? And know what to say to the police when they arrive ?
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