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For the factor of time. I do not factor in money for when I am on my own time. It does not cost me anything. Except the times when I spend a very long time reloading. Then it cost me having an angry wife.

Just kidding on the wife part. She says I am worthless anyway. So my time is not worth factoring on the money part. (3 attempts at humor.)

When someone ask me about investing in reloading I give a simple heads up.

Be ready to invest 3 things.

1. Money (Buy what you can honestly afford. Note that the most expensive does not make it the best either in quality, or filling your needs.)

2. Time (Yes it takes time to reload. If you are in a super duper hurry, or do not have that much time to invest. Stick with factory ammo. You will be more happy, and less pressured. Besides when reloading being a hurry leads to bad things happening.)

3. Attention. (Paying attention to what you are doing, and knowing the why you are doing it will help in preventing mistakes that can cost a world of things. Likes damaged/destroyed guns, ruined brass, and components. Or worse yet. Injuries/fatalities.)

Truth be told someone can start out for little money with a few simple tools, a reloading manual, and components.
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