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I am surprised how agressively some people defended their right to have an opinion, while basically telling me to keep mine to myself. Hypocrites!

For those who agree, the main reason I posted (and you can tell I was right by the % of people that agreed) is that most lever gun lovers are traditionalists. Yes, I own a Glock and it is what I carry every day, but my next gun is going to be a S&W .44 or a 1911 .45, Why? Because you can like a gun for it's usefulness, but still appreciate a classic. This gun, hovever, is ugly and does nothing that its predecessors couldn't do.

But, hey, what do I know. I'm just the moron who is taking the scope off my deer rifle and putting peeps back on because the scope just ruins the classic look. (It also takes away from how well it handles in the woods.)

For those who were asking here is a good thread on BBQ guns:
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