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I've had several Glocks...

So, the qualifiers are:
- easy to learn-there's just a trigger with a trigger safety. No hammer, to thumb safety, no decocker
- requires minimal complex thought...hard to forget-no need for muscle memory, remembering what condition it's in. There's no DA vs SA. Pull trigger
- easy to clean-pull trugger, gunsmith grip, release slide, takes down in less than 2 seconds
- runs dirty-never needs cleaning
- reliable OOTB and after 1000 rounds with no parts changes-run thousands thru mine
- paper plate at 25 yards accurate-they're combat accurate. with practice most with barrels over 4'' will get you reasonable results.
- easy to shoot fast doubles on that same plate at 7 yards-no sweat
- drop safe...not CA test, but in practice-striker gun with a trigger safety, you could use it to hammer nails
- meaningful SD or HD caliber-45, 357 SIG, 40, 10mm
- could be CCW'd-too many to choose from
- popular enough to never worry about parts, finding a gunsmith, etc.-great customer service from Glock, easy enough to work on them yourself, but parts aren't THAT cheap compared to the price of the gun as a whole

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