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Tell your better half not to despair over that little limb, there have been plenty of others who have done the same thing. Good thing is she still has him coming around now to just catch him in shooting light.

I was around 17, and hit a twig about 1/4" in diameter that threw my 100gr .243 bullet 12 feet off at about the same distance. Had one of the biggest bucks I had ever seen on our property dead to rights standing broadsideMAYBEE 30yds, and at the shot he just looked at me like I was stupid and sauntered off into the brush. I hit the side of a tree he was about 4 feet away from, some 8 feet up and blew bark off. It took about two hours of hard looking and some pretty hard feeleings to figure out what the heck had happened.

Trust me I feel her pain.
Mike / TX
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