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I have loaded and shot a 25-06 for quite a few yeas. I cannot even begin to count the different loads I tried over they years, suffice to say I have put at least 50 rounds of about every brand and weight of bullet weighing 100 - 120grs through it, not to mention the ones I settled on and shot for a few years.

In all of those loads I never really found a need for a powder slower than H4831, nor a need for any primer hotter than the Win-WLR. I have tried them all and the WIN will consistantly light up even the slowest powders you would pour off into the 25 cases.

This said, RL-22 has been about the most acurate powder across the board with all of the loads I have tried with very few exceptions, and those were with the 100gr bullets.

Not to say that some of the newer powders might not have a slight edge, but I am more into the KISS principal, and the loads I use with RL-22 are getting me top end velocity and will shoot bug holes at 200yds, and have for years. Not much reason to look elsewhere.
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