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You all have some nice ones there.

I just gave my vintage M77 to one of my nephews. I picked it up used years ago strictly to build on and after speaking with Ruger on it I decided against it.

Mine, was chambered in .280 Rem / 7mm Express, and had the 24" bull barrel on it. In speaking with Ruger when I got it, they allowed it was called a Varminter package, and they only made a couple thousand of them in that configuration, and that I might should hang on to in the condition it is in. Everything on it was in about 95-98% perfectly new condition.

I had it out over Thanksgiving and worked up the new load for it shooting the 139gr Hornady. I preseneted it to him yesterday along with 50 rounds of custom taylored ammo. Should last him a lifetime of hunting and shooting.

I also have the Ruger Comapct in .308 which is my favorite rifle of all I have. Along is't lines I also picked up one of the newer SS version with the extended rail on it in .243 for my grandson.
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