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Excessive wear?

My 3 week old Pietta 1851 Navy London may be showing signs wear already, need some advice. I was surprised to see that the barrel wedge has peened the rear of the barrel slot some and the wedge sticks out the right side a lot more than even a week ago. Only 44 shots thru this gun @ 22 grs BP equiv. Pyrodex. Actual weight of Pyrodex is 16.9 grs. When new, the wedge catch would just snap over the right side with the barrel tight. Now it's probably 7-8 thousandths or so more. Should I be concerned? These are stout loads, I know for 36 cal, but this is all steel, not brass. Somehow I was hoping for better. First BP revolver, so don't know if I'm over-reacting, if this is normal wear or excessive. What to do?
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