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First handguns, my dad and I, recommendations?

Hey, so first of all, this is my first post on this site. My name's Alex. I'm a 21 year old welder, and for fun I work on anything with a carburetor, and grow competitive giant vegetables. I love anything old, not so much alot of newer stuff.

It's a somber day to be posting this question I realize, but no one I know was involved, and life must go on. I can't imagine how those families must be feeling, for them I pledge to be the most responsible gun owner I can be.

My dad has recently spilled the beans that for Christmas, he'll be getting the two of us handgun license classes. We've both always wanted to own a gun, and learn to shoot, and this year I guess he finally sold it to my mom. He's a lawyer (before you all side against me, I'm an incredibly honest guy, and I still strive to be as much so as him, they don't come better) and he's been threatened a small number of times over the years, in connection with cases. He's felt the need for a gun for protection for some time, and we've both been interested in getting into the hobby, as I said.

He's looking for a small modern concealed carry semiauto, but not one so small that he can't enjoy some target shooting. I'm looking for a practical revolver, with an affordable amount of history. I'd also like to get into reloading. He's 52, but still in great shape, 190 and 5'11". I'm 6'3", about 240, and also in good shape.

I've shot a Colt New Service in .38 Special, and found it pretty light, and pretty small in my hand. I have an old M1816/1835 Harper's Ferry musket, in .69 caliber, and love the big punch it gives (and casting musketballs). I'd like to get a New Service in .45 Colt. I'm hoping it's not inappropriately big? I like the round because it's a classic, and big things just generally suit me. I don't know how reloadable that cartridge is though, as far as cost, and case strength?

My dad shot alot of .22 rifles as a kid, as well as his uncles revolver, which was likely a .32, as he was a cop. I don't think he's shot anything in decades, and he does have a bad back.

What do you guys recommend for each of us? Would I be silly to get my .45? What should my dad look into?

Thanks for any input, Alex.
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