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Originally Posted by johnwilliamson062 View Post
I disagree with lights.
I've been around gunfire at night. I did not want any light source anywhere close to me. No matter how bad the position is, I can't imagine turning on a light to navigate in a fire fight.

No one knows my house better than me in the dark. I don't need a light to navigate it. Only one person should be in my house. My wife. If she is in a dark room she will either be screaming that I need to change the light bulb OR next to me.

I got into this with an instructor at a decent training institute and he said no matter what using a strobe tactic to close down a hallway or such was valuable enough everyone should have one. It is a parlor trick. It probably works for entry teams breaking into college kids house to serve a no knock warrant looking for a pound of pot, but not much else. If I think there is someone in my house and suddenly I have a strobing light in my eyes I am shooting it.

Besides what exactly is someone doing closing down a hallway in their own home? Stay put and fortify.

I did install low intensity single LED night lights in certain areas that should silhouette anyone standing in likely areas.

I have lots of headlamps and flashlights though. In my experience the quality of headlamps improves drastically from $15-30 and then more or less plateaus. More comfort, different shade filters, etc. I haven't found flash lights get much better than the small ones at the dollar store as far as a simple light source. Spend more and you can get one that works as a club or is waterproof or something, but I'm not interested.
It's good you've been around gunfire at night, have you been around lights at night? Having huge pupils trying to gather light that all of a sudden gets flashed with light leaves you temporarily blinded. A strobe would be shot at in my house too, if I could see it after the first flash or two.

I've got to disagree with almost your entire post. I am a fan of lights on guns in various scenarios, but mine isn't one of them.

Scenarios I like lights: being in unfamiliar areas like someone else's house or an unfamiliar neighborhood. For LEO and the like I think WML's are great as they are constantly flush with potential they could be in someone's house they are unfamiliar with. I also like them if you have a house with children. Holding a small child while retreating down a hallway is much easier with a free hand.

Scenarios where I don't like lights: you live alone or it's just you and a significant other. No one knows your floor plan better than you which I do agree with the quoted post on. An unidentified target in your kitchen in the middle of the night when you just left your wife in bed is a threat, shoot it til it stops.

Dollar store flashlights are NOT adequate. I buy mag lites only, plenty cheap enough and their new LED ones are plenty bright. If you want better the stream lights and other "tactical" lights are nice but as a young father those are not in my "flashlight budget".

If you have a scenario where light is advocated a WML (weapon mounted light) is better than a handheld light.

Lock down and fortify is the strategy of preference which i again agree with unless you have children you need to go fetch first. This is where light is critical.

Keep safe and make an enlightened decision

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