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I disagree with lights.
I've been around gunfire at night. I did not want any light source anywhere close to me. No matter how bad the position is, I can't imagine turning on a light to navigate in a fire fight.

No one knows my house better than me in the dark. I don't need a light to navigate it. Only one person should be in my house. My wife. If she is in a dark room she will either be screaming that I need to change the light bulb OR next to me.

I got into this with an instructor at a decent training institute and he said no matter what using a strobe tactic to close down a hallway or such was valuable enough everyone should have one. It is a parlor trick. It probably works for entry teams breaking into college kids house to serve a no knock warrant looking for a pound of pot, but not much else. If I think there is someone in my house and suddenly I have a strobing light in my eyes I am shooting it.

Besides what exactly is someone doing charging down a hallway in their own home? Stay put and fortify.

I did install low intensity single LED night lights in certain areas that should silhouette anyone standing in likely areas.

I have lots of headlamps and flashlights though. In my experience the quality of headlamps improves drastically from $15-30 and then more or less plateaus. More comfort, different shade filters, etc. I haven't found flash lights get much better than the small ones at the dollar store as far as a simple light source. Spend more and you can get one that works as a club or is waterproof or something, but I'm not interested.
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