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Bore Obstruction

Well it happened.
Got a brass brush stuck in the thing.

Had to push it out with a brass rod and wood dowel from the breech through the ?Nipple hole?. Glad I read all those threads in the rifle forum on how to do it, although being unable to open the breech did make things a little more complicated.
Worked pretty well after I bought the right size rod at Lowes. With a pretty bright LED the barrel looks great, so the brass worked well. Not much damage on the brass rod either. Will see if I buggered the nipple threads or not tomorrow once everything has a bit to dry out. If I did I guess I finally have a reasonable excuse to get a breach loader.

This poor muzzleloader was the first rifle I bought and seems to take all the beatings.

I'm not Catholic like my wife, so this is as close as I get to confession.
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