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My S.S. fixed sight 5-1/2 incher positively *GLOWS* !
When I learned about them, it was the only BP gun that interested me.
In the little less than a year that it took to find the one I've got I also bought a blue fixed sight long barrel ( both of my Rugers were unfired ! ) to accompany each other.
Then Its been off to the races! A barely fired Uberti Richard Mason .38 and my Dad's '70s vintage '51 CVA/ASM brasser has led me to the need to build suitable display cabinetry for an almost baker's dozen of the most interesting of the current Pietta reproductions.
And it all started with that original yearning for that subby stainless Ruger charcoal burner.
There's not an authentic 19th century wheelgun in the bunch, but that's OK by me, once I get around to "popping the cherry" on each one I won't have any qualms about shooting any one (or all) of them on a regular basis.
Try to say that about an honest-to-goodness Colts or Remmie .

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