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Thought of trying to do something along that line here without having the reloaders on site. Maybe have a small clubhouse or meeting place of sorts with meetings once a week. A place where everyone can list their reloading preferences and what equipment they have etc. and share the wealth of knowledge. Guys would be able to hook up with one another and maybe swap powders, loan tools to try with each other, give show and tell instructional help and so on. Maybe have range sessions where you are proof testing your loads and keep a club log of good as well as bad loads . Run double stack targets so the club has a copy as well as the shooter. Have monthly swap meets and so on, you get the idea. Nothing too overwhelming for any one person to have to operate , just more of a collective of sorts. In line of what happened today at the Elementary school in Connecticut also try to do some community work that helps shed some GOOD rather than bad light on the shooting sports. This could easily be a forum all to itself.
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