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A Note Regarding the CT School Shooting

Given the nature of one of the most horrific mass shooting incidents in American history, we realize that emotions are running high, as they should be.

However, this is not the time to consider what should or shouldn’t have been done, nor the time to speculate on its future effects on our Second Amendment, or even our other Constitutional Rights.

Assaults on those rights are sure to come, but the time to concentrate on those is not yet. To discuss those at this time would be calloused and selfish.

For now, focus your thoughts and prayers, according to your individual beliefs, on the victims, families, witnesses, and first responders who will experience the sights and sounds of this tragedy in their nightmares for years to come.

The time to discuss this, along with active shooter counter-tactics, school security, or future legislative ramifications will come, but for now, please refrain from posting on this, and maintain a respectful silence.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
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