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Got to the range today but.............I forgot .45 ammo so no XDM report!

Shot the glock 20, AR's and 9mm's.

The Glock 20 was fantastic! All loads were hand loads with 4 different powders and 2 different bullet weights.

The lighter loads were like shooting a 9mm and the hotter stuff was not even close to what I was expecting. One handed shots with the hot stuff was simple.

I did have a few fail to fire that were all with Double tap brass?? 4 total. All other loads shot well and were accurate.

Loads using 7.4g's of Unique and 135g Nosler JHP's had some pretty good flames out of the barrel.

Side note: I love the CMMG conversion on my S&W M&P AR shooting .22 LR. Accurate as heck. I shot the bulls eye out of the target at 50 yards.
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