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In my opinion, if it bothers you that someone else bought what you had or better, especially if it is a high end item and they are a beginner, then you are just as competitive as they are. Guns are guns, and many are better than others for certain applications. All the guns I own were bought because I viewed them as the best for the application I wanted them to serve, and if someone asked me that application I would direct them to get the same.

Now, if you are the type to get annoyed by someone who is just starting out buying a $2000 AR to one up you or something of the similar, and they constantly mention how theirs is better, remember that golden ammunition for verbal combat they are giving you. All you need to say is "Wow, your gun costs twice as mine and your shooting half as well as me!" or "Maybe if you went with something more simple you may have learned the fundamentals better." I can almost guarantee they will never brag again until they beat you. And then you have an excuse, and in some situations it may be a just one, of why they are shooting better than you.
I think you missed the entire point of what I said... I actually would love for him to get something nicer I recommended Wilson, Nighthawk and GI Industries to him, my concern was if he was buying the gun because he felt bested or shown up in someway. Since he didn't know what else was above kimber he just defaulted to my brand of choice because of his lack of knowledge.

It's just honestly the first time I've shot with someone who at the beginning of the range session LOVED his gun and at the end wanted what I had... I was baffled. I mean in away I was happy he liked it, sad that he now liked his own gun less because of it. etc... it was just really strange.

Will I lose sleep if he buys my exact gun? Nope. But I was hoping some people here could shed light on the topic.

Personally, I get a bigger kick out of competing with my "budget guns" against friends who spent a whole lot more money on top of the line brands. Drives 'em nuts
Lol also nice. actually these events are few and far between my group of friends have all together gravitated towards a few main guns we all tend to enjoy. So there are more subtle variants then complete differences.
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