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Why?(pay more for a Colt)
This could be a post in itself and we still wouldn't know anything.

Colt builds their guns "right."

Still, if I want a match AR, I'll be shopping Compass Lake and requesting a premium barrel blank, which OMG is NOT chrome line, so it is match accurate! It is not reall milspec in any way!

If I want a best fighting AR, I will build my own of top shelf BCM, Armalite, DD, etc parts so I KNOW the assembly is right. Likely, it won't be milspec either.

If I want a plinking AR, it will be made by me from PSA, Magpul, SAA, etc parts. It will be the closest to milspec, but not as it will be purpose built for non-war fun.

To buy your AR, know the spec basics, look the gun over, feel the trigger, weight balance and pick one for your mission. If you guessed wrong, you will likely be able to modify it to fit your mission better for a few $100, or likely, you could adapt yourself to help your gun fit its role!
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