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No, I didn't miss that... but you are paying some inflated prices. Then, you factor in your time as if you wish to prove that reloading isn't a significant savings over buying ammo... at least that's what I hear.
Then you hear incorrectly.

I took a shopping list from a Cabelas store so the numbers were easily repeatable.

I took a Cabelas so it wasn't some fly by night sale that isn't available today and gone tomorrow.

I took a Cabelas, because you can walk in the front door and walk out with whatever you want, usually- while a small mom and pop may have to special order without the inventory.

I took a Cabelas store because they don't have great prices, but (considering the name brand involved rather than Joe Bob's garage plated bullets available on the internet near you, unless you live in Massachusetts or a couple other sad sad places) they aren't exactly horrible either. There was just a thread about trying to find the progressive press for less than Cabelas had it on sale lately.

I took a Cabelas store because everyone and their sister around here pretty much knows who they are, where they are, and what they are, reputation and target market wise, while referecnces to Grafs, Powder Valley, and their like would not be nearly as recognizable.

I took a Cabelas store because I could put everything in one shopping cart, and it was easy. I didn't have to take this from here, that from there, and then search around for yet another thing from yet a third place to get the cheapest of all three. I could figure out how many pounds of powder it took for 1000 rounds, add that much, a brick of primers, and a thousand bullets, divide that subtotal by 1000 and bingo, easy cost per round on the reloads.

I compared that cost to three different price tiers... the have-to-really-search-for-it Federal value packs that are ridiculously cheap, and thus hard to find, the usually-there-and-standard-plinking-WWB that most recognize off the bat, and the LGS store that... to put it politely- marks their price based on the captive audience that are the folks renting a handgun from them.

I lowballed every single benefit available from reloading. I did mention I was taking worst case scenario right? You saw that part? Even accounting for a paltry three reloads per brass, Brick and mortar prices on the components, compared to 30 bucks a box for almost impossible to find value packs, you still save money. I couldn't make it any harder, and proved you will still save money in the long run. I proved you could even "pay" yourself for making the rounds and save money.
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