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What can be done to make schools safer from deranged shooters?

Today another tragedy where one deranged shooter killed 26 innocent people in Connecticut.

Some will call for bans of firearms and restrictions of civil rights to make people feel safer.

I don't want people to "feel safer" I want to do something that actually makes people safer.

I submit that banning some firearms and restricting magazine capacities would not have prevented today's shooting or reduced the number of innocent deaths.

If the goal is to make schools safer for the students, then:

1) Would a law requiring that a certain percentage (perhaps 50% or 100%) of teachers be trained (to local law enforcement level training) and armed while they are teaching to protect the children and themselves? Now schools are "predator feeding zones" as they are designated "gun free zones".

I am not concerned with liberal opposition to my politically incorrect path; or union opposition to changing the job description of a teacher. If the problem is to be addressed then we have to look at solutions to reach the goal.

2) How about designing school so that someone who seeks to gain access to the school while armed is detected and prevented from gaining access? Limited access should be easy to design and all the technology exists. Cameras, metal detectors, remote control doors, intercoms . . . .
Harden the classrooms with security doors which can withstand rifle fire and resist being opened with tools. Make the windows high enough to prevent outside viewing, and other things which I have not thought about; to make it more difficult for a predator to get access to the people in schools.

Am I thinking about impossible responsibilities here?
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