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Often is the case when you get into reloading at first, you get what your mentor has or what ever they sell locally. Once you get started you get into looking for all the deals to stretch your reloading dollar as far as it will go. Or you look for something that will increase your output per hour to keep up with the ammo you're now shooting.

Reloading is a great hobby that goes with shooting. How much have we spent on other hobbies or sports? Equipment is just the price you pay to get into a hobby or sport. I think the cost or savings should be figured by the cost of continuing to hobby or sport. I guess everyone will look at things differently. One thing I know is I haven't saved any money so far reloading. I have sent a lot more rounds down range than I did before I got back to reloading this time. I tend to spend as much on reloading per month as I did when I just bought factory ammo.
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