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If you re-read my post from August, the first sentence is:

Most Mauser actions are case hardened with a thin layer that's very hard, and fairly soft under that "Crust".

If the barreling service says the action is too soft, you have the option of attempting to have it heat treated, or, scrapping the action as unsafe.

With that said, the Mauser manufacturing method was to give the action an almost glass hard surface in critical areas like the locking lugs, with softer, tougher metal underneath to give it resistance to shattering.

For this reason, people who aren't aware of how the actions were built will get false information doing a Rockwell test. The Rockwell will indicate soft metal when the proper place to do a Rockwell is inside the receiver where the locking lugs are.
This can only be done with the barrel out.

Assuming the people you sent it to know this, there may be another problem.
Again, this leaves you with the two options mentioned above.
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