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Sounds like reloading isn't for you.

More primers on the shelves for the rest of us

With that said, I reload 9mm for $12 per box of 100 with jacketed 124gr bullets, once fired brass, and winchester primers. Plus I get lots of brass from friend that shoot but do not reload.

The cheapest factory in my area is $21 per 100.

I use a Lee Classic Turret press and total investment including dies, scale, etc was $250.

That paid for itself in less than a year. With 45acp and .223 that I am looking to start, the cost difference is even greater. But then again, I am getting a Dillon XL650 soon haha...but that is because I love gadgets and enjoy reloading. It is an additional hobby for me now, not just a mean to save money while shooting.
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