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Living in IL I can't carry at all while in this state (at least right now) but with my Utah and my non-resident PA permit I can carry when I travel to most adjacent states (WI, IN, IA, MO but not Michigan). I think carrying has to become a habit so that you don't feel conspicuous or overly self conscious of having a gun with you. I don't get to carry enough to yet reach that level of comfort. So I have only carried intermittently and usually only when making a significant road trip. I think that when we get concealed carry in IL I will carry daily, but that remains to be seen. Although I want to carry for that "just in case" situation, I must admit that despite being a senior citizen I have never actually been in a situation where I thought "Oh s***, I wish I had a gun with me". I wonder if some who carry do so for awhile, and then when some time has gone by and they have not needed a firearm, the hassle of carrying causes them to just stop doing so. Just speculating.
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