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As infrequently as I get misfires with good SD rounds (I've never actually had one), I tend to think the hype over "second strike capability" is overblown.
I think my BG380 is the only gun I have that has it, but I've never had to use it. As others have pointed out, true DA triggers tend to be long and heavy - due to the fact that the trigger pull is doing more mechanical work - and I'd far rather have a better trigger than be able to pull it a second time.
Furthermore, from the - admittedly limited - experience I do have with dud rounds If a primer doesn't go off the first time, chances are it's not going to go off even if you do hit it again.
I do train with snap caps from time to time just in case I ever do get a misfire, but tap & rack seems like it's a better idea than trying to pull the trigger again anyway.

So, aside from being a pain to use with the laserlyte cartridges, I wouldn't worry about it.
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