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Not to split hairs, but any trigger system that requires slide movement in order to re-cock it, is NOT really double -action.....and certainly NOT DAO. Since there are only two common classifications for trigger designs, namely Single-Action and Double-Action, it is somewhat hard to make an exact classification, with SOME guns.

However, the gun described by the OP is definitely NOT "DAO". Neither are Glock-style trigger systems TRUE DAO. At best, they are a hybrid, being partly cocked by slide movement and partly cocked by the trigger. Those striker fired guns that are essentially fully cocked all of the time (especially when a round is chambered).....are probably better described as SA, if no "double strike" capability is present. True DAO requires that the TRIGGER serve to both fully cock the gun (from an uncocked condition)....and fire the gun.

Just sayin'.....for purposes of clarification.
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