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The bottom line is that people who do things like this are evil and insane. No amount of legislation, regulation, or discussion will make any difference. If they can't use guns, they will use explosives. Or knives, or poison gas, or any multitude of other things a madman can use to inflict harm.

The only answer to a gunman is another gunman, if you will, who works within the law. That's us, folks. That's why YOU CARRY YOUR SIDEARM EVERYWHERE THAT YOU LEGALLY CAN. Maybe you can't stop it, but you can be caught trying. A mass shooter can only be stopped by force or by his own hand, and only the use of force is within our control.

This is in reference to the mall shooting and other public shootings. The most recent shooting in Connecticut is somewhat different and the moderators have asked us to withhold discussion of it at this time. I agree with that decision and will abide by it. Keep the families and victims in your thoughts and prayers. Most of those involved were just little children.
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