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Reloading gives me greater flexibility in the rounds I shoot and allows me to budget my shooting much better.

Let's say I spend $500 on a moderate setup, as opposed to buying factory rounds. 9mm ammo can be had for $10 per box, while my reloads cost $7.50 per box. The break even point is 10,000 rounds.

Ok, sounds bad, right? Not really.

I had to buy 1,000 lots of 9mm to get that price break. That's $200 every time I order ammo! That can get tight some months.

Reloading let's me budget better! I now spend about $100 or less a month on ammo...

$35 will buy about 1,000 primers at a local store
$85 will buy 1,000 projectiles online
$20 will buy enough Power Pistol for over 1k rounds.

Point is, I can spread my costs out over a much longer period of time. Also, I can now load more exotic and expensive ammo using the components I bought for other calibers. Like .38 super, same bullets, powder and primers as 9mm. Everything I buy for one can be used in the other.

If I save up enough money to buy a few components in bulk, then I get an even better deal.

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