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[QUOTE]Yes, from what I have read, Colt is considered the "standard", but that is just that... the standard. I should have written Gold Standard.

You can do worse and you can do better.... but some claim that Colt is what everyone compares other AR's to as the standard. Why? Because Colt is the brand that has produced the AR for so darn long.

Yes, since about 1964 our military has used Colt AR's in wars around the globe and that successful track record has established Colt as the leader in AR 15's.

I'm not so sure that Colt should be deemed the "gold" standard, though. That implies that it is the finest grade of AR available....and I'm not so sure that anyone here or in any AR forum would agree with that.

I mentioned several other fine manufacturer's in my post.

BTW, what do you suggest the OP purchase? You've brought absolutely nothing positive to the discussion other than bashing Colt products.
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