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I thought the national media might be silent on it because no one in the media realizes the national implications of the Moore decision, but I think there's more to it than that.

There is a priest in Chicago name Michael Phleger who is a gun control activist, and another gun control activist - Lee Goodman, who created "Stop Concealed Carry Coalition" and created an Internet petition and got 7,000 or so signatures. That got a lot of media attention.

The ISRA had something like 14,000 people show up for a protest march at the state capital - and according to the ISRA and - no media coverage.

10 counties in Illinois had carry referendums on the ballot on Nov 6th and they passed. A quick count of the number of votes for those referendums comes out to be over 100,000 voters. Sometimes a small blurb about 10 counties passing a non-binding referendum - no mention of the thousands and thousands of voters behind it.

It's just odd that the media can mention that Stop Concealed Carry Coalition has 7,000 signatures and not metion the other numbers I've listed.
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