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It's great to live in America and have choices!
Agree. Even if we make bad ones.

But back to the Tavor. I think the concept of having a bayonet lug on these is a tad silly, even for the real-deal soldiers. How can you actually use this to stab somebody???

Yeah, yeah, I know about the British troops who made the famous bayonet charge in southern Iraq with their bullpup rifles. Likely it was the whole concept of any sort of infantry charge that caused the Shiite irregulars to skedaddle out of their. The Brits could have been charging with weed-whackers and got them to run

Especially the ones with the thick plastic string.

To Sturm, a thanks. I had been waiting and wondering about these new rifles. Now I am much more confident that they will actually be sold here in the US.

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