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When I was 14 that was the legal firearm age for Michigan. I had a bucket under an apple tree that was in the middle of our woods. My dad walked me to my spot that morning and the last thing he said was, just remember you don't have to shoot the first deer you see, you might be surprised what follows. After it was light enough to shoot I heard a commotion. It was five does and a four point right on their tail. I could have shot but what my dad had said was on my mind. Those deer ran around me for an hour when I had finally had enough. I took aim at the four point when al of a sudden I heard the craziest noise I've ever heard. All the deer put their tails up and ran. I was pretty bummed that I lost my chance. Then I heard a branch break. I eased my head around only to see I giant buck staring at the deer running away. Somehow I got my gun up without him noticing as he was only 15 yards away. I shot and dropped an 8 point that scored 156 7/8. I wasn't old enough to drink beer but all the guys at my dads camp made up for it when we got that monster hanging. I will never forget those words of patience that day. Oh ya that crazy noise I heard, turns out was the first time I heard a buck do the snort wheeze. Found that out years later.

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