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There is no such thing as a tactical firearm, but there are black guns. Black toilet paper i can't speak to.
Retarded means slowed down. Only Ann Coulter uses it in any other sense.
To save time and effort, barbecue guns are esthetically enhanced guns or rigs worn to barbecues. Careful with the ridicule on this one as barbecue guns are near and dear to many in this community.
I know that some people have never experienced a really hard hunt, like hawgs with dawgs fifteen minutes before dawn, with nothing to climb but an old two wire fence to get out of reach of those tusks It's a little different than european style stand hunting while wearing a suit.
Play is sport. There are only two, hunting and mountain climbing. Used as a figure of speech, in this case some people hunt harder than olde pharts.
How many times can tactical be used in the same instance as making your toilet, I guess you have taken the popularization of this phrase as a personal goal. Isn't a cathole latrine a tactic after all.
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