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My favorite DA revolver is a 6" S&W model 28. My father had one, and for decades, it was the "cannon" of the house.

M28s did not come with Target Hammers or Triggers, or red ramp white outline rear sights from the factory. Quite a few did get Target Hammers & Triggers from S&W authorised dealerships before they got sold, as back in the 60s & 70s S&W sold those parts in blister packs, and some shops would install them to enhance the "budget" gun.

I have one of those, bought new in the box, but fitted with the TH & TT. I know it was done at the shop that sold it, before the sale, because the S&W box doesn't list them on the label, which it would have, had it been done at the factory.

I actually prefer the "satin blue" of the M28 to the "deep luster blue" of the M27 or 29. There is no other common revolver that combines all the features and price of the M28. Sadly the price has skyrocketed recently, and a Highway Patrolman (in any condition above "abused") for $340 is a steal in my area. The last couple shows I've been to a pristine M28 is close to double that.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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