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Just like they did for the first AWB right? Didn't the NRA even have a hand in passing the first AWB?
You're kidding me, right? The NRA spent many millions of dollars lobbying to elect pro-gun legislators during the Clinton administration, and it was through those legislators that the "sunset clause" was written into the 1994 AWB. Then in 2000 and 2004 the NRA continued spending and campaigning for pro-gun Senators and Congressman as well as a pro-gun President, so that when the sunset arrived in 2004 there was sufficient support to see that the AWB expired. They spent over $40 million in this most recent Presidental election campaigning for pro-gun legislators, including several million in October alone following the comments made by President Obama about wanting to see another AWB.

Point is, the NRA is an ardent defender of the Second Amendment and one of the most powerful resources that we have in fighting for our Second Amendment rights. Consider that just this week the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the carry ban in the State of Illinois is unconstitutional, a Federal lawsuit mind you that was brought by residents and funded by the NRA. Your suggestion that the NRA somehow supported the 1994 AWB or that they would do nothing to oppose a new ban is utter nonsense and totally ignorant of the facts. Please do some actual research into the actual legislative action of the NRA befor you spread this kind of false information or make such baseless suggestions. It's a slap in the face to the NRA and those of us who support them to suggest what you have.

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