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Both groups need to sit down and worry about solving this growing problem instead of worrying about legislation to control it ....or the rising costs or low stocks of magazines and bolt carriers.
Apom - no amount of speech and negotiating is ever going to stop evil, nor is any amount of laws. The people performing these acts don't care what the law says and neither will they care about some negotiation. The only way to stop evil is with lawful use of force, hence the 2A.

I totally want to stop the BGs too, but short of some North Korean style enforcement there is no way to stop these things other than to react and hopefully have a plan by the business, school or agency involved... The blame for these incidents fall squarely on the shoulders of those who committed the crime and those who voted in such a way that eventually the right to bear arms in whatever place wasn't allowed or socially acceptable... I understand lawful carriers aren't cops and shouldn't act as cops but at least some of the time lawful actions of carriers can and would stop some of this death... IMHO this blood is on the hands of the antis as well as the villains.. Talk is just talk on these types of issues and rarely accomplishes more than the waste of breath, you cant negotiate with terrorist, insane or just plain evil...
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