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alright I am neither for or against the gun discussed

but I feel obligated to respond to this post.

No doubt this rifle is designed for people who play harder than old pharts.
what exactly do you mean by this? if you mean that it is a toy with little practical application other than blasting paper bad guys into oblivion then yes it is better at play.

I mean, do you take your barbecue gun hawgin'?
What in God's green earth is a barbecue gun? I have never heard of one of these?
Runnin' and gunnin' with a .30-.30 sounds like deer season to me.
I don't know exactly where you are from but please remind me to never go there during open season. running and gunning is a video game fantasy. running and gunning is retarded for lack of a better word. nobody in the history of firearms has ever "runned and gunned" advancing fire is totally different and is still considered to be far less accurate than feet planted no matter what the "Marines" on COD Blackops II tell you over a quick game of team deathmatch. running and gunning has no place in proper hunting and anyone that has ever tried it should have their hunting privileges revoked for a couple years and forced to take remedial hunters ed.

Black guns are for people who need it as a gun, not a work of art. Black guns are for those who are focused on the pursuit, not on the esthetic appeal of what's filling their hand.
on the contrary, black guns are an aesthetic pursuit all in themselves. a guy choosing to put a railed synthetic black stock on an SKS is no less guilty of aesthetically altering a gun to fit his tastes as a man that dresses his SKS in a laminated thumbhole stock. he is simply altering the gun to meet his needs and dislikes. I have never put a part on a gun that I did not like the look of to increase utility and I find it hard to believe that there are many gun enthuisiasts out there that would.
Are you a hunter or a fashion model? All the tacticool bashers love to call anyone with a black gun a mall ninja.
I label lots of people as mall ninjas because there 90% of the guys that insist on "tactical" firearms have never and have a 1 in 100,000,000 chance of ever being in a situation that requires such a weapon and of them I would be willing to wager that less than 1% of those that will see such a scenario will have that tactical weapon with them at the time. it's all well and good to have a gun to fit such a scenario but when every gun you own has an M4 stock and rails including your lever action 30-30 and mosin nagant 91/30 then there is a serious problem with how you see the world you live in and if all of those also have a laser, flashlight, holosight(rendering the laer pointless) and forward pistol grip then you really have a problem with how you face reality.

and finally,
You guys with the grain and lacquer, are you hunters or posers?
what exactly is the proper response to this? I don't know how someone that claims that they run and gun while out deer hunting can call the guys that prefer one well placed shot a poser or insist that their method of hunting is any more genuine or ethical than our own.

with all that said I do think that the lever action needed to be updated to compete with more modern designs. however when mossberg went with no top rail(for tactical optics if you will) and a a telescoping stock rather than skeleton side folder or just skeleton synthetic to cut down on weight, they failed to make a rifle with any more utilitarian purpose than it's walnut clad older brother.

and lastly, I would like to point out that there is no such thing as a tactical rifle. tactics is a mindset, not a tool set. I can tactically wipe my @$$ but there is no such thing as tactical toilet paper(and if anyone brings up CMMG or camo TP I will Lose it).
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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