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We can't tell because we aren't in the other shooters pants and shoes so we don't know what feels good to him or how recoil feels. I have a sister who complains bitterly about the recoil of my 25-20 rifle and 3 shots brings tears to her eyes. I personally feel less recoil from it then I do my 22's but then I think shooting a 10 gauge is fun so I can't judge what she feels.

On the other hand I had a WAC on my Army Pistol Team whose hands were so small she had to hang onto the grip with her thumb on the back strap to reach the trigger with her finger tip and you did not want her shooting at you, She could empty that gun as fast and shoot as good as most of the men on my team. Her sister who was taller and heavier lasted one session, it was to hard for her???

So who likes Stanley tools, who likes Craftsmen and who doesn't care what tool he uses. I have a student who is 6'5" and 300 pounds, the 9MM hurts his hands??? Okay, to be fair he is a teacher and has no idea what a callous is but 2 of his brothers are cops, another is a fireman, a sister is an ER nurse and he is the smallest of them. You would think he would be a .480 Ruger Revolver man but he is wired different.
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