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Good point Globemaster,

I am an Ol'Coot, and have not bought into the black rifle trends, and have just been playing with the idea of moving a bit in that direction if I can do so at a reasonable price level. Not looking at any competive or match shooting, but would want a rifle that is #1 relyable and #2 shoots reasonable groups.

Something able to deal with called in vermin like wolves and smaller.

If I had the bucks, being a RUGER guy for many years, I'd just go and buy one of their lower end AR styles.

Would even go for a 581 series Mini 14s considering they can be made to shoot reasonably if they don't from the box.

scsov509 ----- With you living about an hour out from me, and apparently doing some builds, makes me wonder if your the one helping some shirt tail relation with their builds. You don't happen to be close to the Clearwater do you?

Thanks guys, still building the mental files.

Crusty Deary Ol'Coot

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