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despite their relatively small size I would still happily call them a military force. I am surprised that they were actually using mini 14s though but it was probably the best they could afford at the time of negotiating their arms contracts, now that they are up they are probably looking for a more modern design. given the very strong british influences I would wager that they are looking at the SA80s very closely and it would be nice to see them get some... maybe someday those SA80s will become surplus and I can finally own one

Dangit, when are WE going to get a new rifle? Something with a piston that doesn't take 6 hours to clean, doesn't hate lefties, and require three hands to operate the charging handle maybe?

Not to bash a lot of folks favorite rifle but there's better things out there, plain and simple.
have you ever even shot and AR15 no less cleaned it? how bout carried an M16 into combat? adding pistons makes for even more BS to clean and despite the general "knowledge" that the M16 is hard to clean I haven't cleaned my ARs in years but if I had to I could strip each one down in about 30 seconds. oppositely I owned an AK for 3 years, I lost count of the times I had to clean that thing to combat rust whether I had shot it since it's last cleaning or not, I could not get that thing stripped in under a minute and back together took a good 3-5 minutes. any of the more modern designs like the ACR, SA80, FS2000, AUG, Tavor, all of these are more complicated to strip and put back together and none of them use a piston to my knowledge.
how many militaries can you say with certainty issue a piston driven gun to every member other than an AK47? the answer is none and that is because piston driven designs are a gimmick and nothing more.

I laugh because you talk to any grunt that has had boots on the ground and they all love their rifles and wouldn't change a thing, even though they poop where they eat, jam if they get a single grain of sand in their guns and are so horribly put together that you can reload, switch safety and clear weapon without losing sight picture and keeping positive control with the firing hand(I say all that facetiously). the only people that gripe about the weapons our troops are issued are the people that were around when the M16A1 was first introduced 40 years ago and mall ninjas that have never seen a second of actual combat experience.
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