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A lot of guys seem to have what I would consider an odd way of using Trail Cams. I never much cared to get pictures of deer I already know are there.

The whole purpose, I thought, was to scout times, places and areas that you can't otherwise be.

I never thought of setting one up just to get pictures of a deer under my stand. If I have a stand there, I assume that I already know or suspect that the spot is a good one.

I can't possibly be everywhere. I can go scouting and find a trail that looks like a cow path. So what? Do they use the trail at 7am, 2am, 12pm, 4pm? Only in the spring, the fall, or all year? Do bucks use the trail or mostly doe? Big bucks or just yearlings?

Maybe you've got access to 500, 1,000, even 10,000 acres. Do you have the time to scout it all? 4 or 5 cameras will tell you in a few weeks a whole lot that you'd not know in 10 years of wandering that much land.

Yeah, I can find a trail and sit there for a few hours on a few mornings and a few afternoons and find out for myself.... which in my case, and many others, would pretty much use up all my time for the whole season. Why waste time scouting from the stand? I only have so many hours to hunt. I need all the help I can get to be where the deer are WHEN the deer are there.
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