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The Kentucky's are usually fairly light and balanced guns for their length. They usually have a slender barrel and stock. With their shorter butt stock they can be almost as fast handling as a carbine whereas the Hawkens often have heavier barrels. The longer Kentucky may require extra seconds to line up the sights but they can be shouldered quickly, especially while wearing a heavier jacket during a cold deer season.
A Hawken stock usually has a 14" length of pull while a Kentucky's might only be 13.5" or less.
The Pedersoli Hawken rifles weigh about 10 pounds or more. The Investarms/Cabela's Hawken probably weighs about 8 pounds while a Kentucky may only weigh 6 - 7 pounds.
Due to its heavier barrel, the Lyman Great Plains Rifle is not a lightweight rifle, not anywhere near as light weight as a Kentucky rifle of the same caliber. There must be a 2 pound difference in weight right off the bat. Something like close to 9 lbs. verses 7 lbs., or 8.5 lbs.verses 6.5 lbs. or so, give or take.
Just remember that if you wear winter gloves when you hunt then stick with a single trigger. Double triggers don't offer enough room in the triggerguard for wearing gloves, at least not without having an open flap for the trigger finger.
Every winter produces different weather but some years our BP deer season involves hunting in the snow, ice and freezing cold.

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