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That 7 shot Peiper is not a Flobert. It is fairly close to a real Remington and in the rare underlever action to boot.

I found a couple of "Remington action" Floberts for sale on the www.
Unfortunately they do not show the actions open but if you look close you can see the small breechblock and the way the hammer backs it up... sort of.

The second one has a more prominent ear on the breechblock as the OP describes.

There are four types of Floberts.
The original has no separate breech block, just a heavy hammer and strong spring. The face of the hammer is machined in a shape to hit the rimfire CB cap and with an undercut that is supposed to snag the rim and extract the empty when cocked.
The second type has a small separate extractor because that undercut tended to wear down pretty rapidly. It still depends on the mass of the hammer and strength of the spring to hold the chamber pressure.
The third type is the Remington rolling block knockoff.
The fourth type is the Warnant action with breechblock that swings overhead as PetaW shows. Sometimes called a Trapdoor in mimicry of the US Springfield. There was a later design by Peiper that had the same action but with a striker in the breechblock instead of an outside hammer.

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