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Get a CZ75 in 9mm. Here's why:

1. 22's have nowhere close to the same "wow" factor as a decent 9mm has for a 1st gun. "Wow factor" is not to be poo-poo'ed when buying your first gun (IMHO)

2. CZ75 is a well made, desirable, affordable 9mm handgun. If you don't like it, you will have no trouble selling it for about what you paid for it.

3. If you want a cheaper 9mm, check out the Tanfoglio 9mm's which are copies of the CZ75. Good, well made guns.

I have a Ruger Mark II .22. I still shoot my 9mm's quite a bit more than my .22, although I do like having a .22. Looking back on 30 years of shooting, I still wouldn't buy a .22 for my first handgun.
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